On Divan
Projected TRT: 29:30
Language: Moroccan Arabic with English Subtitles
Directed by James Sweetbaum
Images courtesy of Surrogate Productions LLC

The film examines the expectations and pressures around what it might mean to be a man experienced by three brothers and their father in a fictional Casablancan family. On Divan was conceived and shot during a Fulbright Fellowship awarded to the film-maker to make moving image work in Morocco.

Monde Sarir
TRT: 20:40

A work in three chapters videoed primarily in Chicago and Casablanca Monde Sarir (monde : world / sarir : small), the video explores utopias of urban space. Having scrolled through internet images of nineteenth century Orientalist paintings while listening to a voice-over discussing Islamic-feminist values, the viewer shares in the rites of passage of a particular Casablancan petit taxi.

my grandmother and i
TRT: 07:07

Videoed from the balcony of a house on a citrus plantation in Fiji, a narrated voice in the first person relates conflicting expectations and desires that have driven relations within the video-maker’s own family and examines the post/colonial complexities of their ongoing relationship with the view framed by the camera.

The Surrogate

TRT: 09:00

The Surrogate re-performs the composition of a family portrait by the School of Cranach in the collection of the National Museum in Stockholm. Various members of the family that commissioned the painting are depicted as New Testament figures re-performing The Lamentation of Christ. The film engages in a mimetic narrative that abruptly breaks from the original portrait with the birth of a new-born-like artefact issued forth from the body re-performing Christ.